Latin American Queen of Queens

BongaModels hosts three Queen of Queens contests a week!

  • International Queen of Queens
  • North America & Western Europe's Queen of Queens
  • Latin American Queen of Queens

Queen of Queens Latin American contest

Every week, 100 best models receive cash prizes. The winner gets $1,000 and the Queen of Queens title!

Money for the contest prize pool is taken from the advertising budget of our website. We do our best to let you earn as much as possible! Dear participants, you have a wonderful chance to prove yourself and win!

Contests are held each week from Monday (00:00:00 GMT+3) to Sunday (23:59:59 GMT+3).

BongaModels wishes luck to every model registered on our website!

How are the points distributed?

Time until contest ends: 0 days 15 hours 50 minutes 40 seconds Show only models online

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