What is the countdown?

Countdowns help models to show members dynamically how many Tokens have been tipped in their chatrooms, and how many Tokens they still need to let the show start.

How to let the countdown start?

First of all the model needs to specify the total amount of Tokens for a countdown, and let it start. After starting a countdown, the model has to put on the topic variables in her chatroom topic to make members see the countdown.

The model has to use certain variables to make her chat room topic be updated automatically:

Topic Variables

@total: shows the total number of the Tokens for the countdown
@sofar: shows the number of Tokens have been already earned in the countdown
@remain: shows the number of Tokens left in the countdown

For example: “@total countdown, @sofar earned, @remain left until the show!”
Will be shown as: “2000 countdown, 550 earned, 1450 left until the show!”

The @remain will just stop at 0 when a countdown finishes.

All of the above variables will be displayed as “[none]” when countdown is inactive.

An automatic notification indicating countdown’s update will appear in the chatroom with every added tip.

Only tips shown to the chatroom count toward the countdown. Hidden tips which are only shown to the model, will not count.