What is the countdown?

Countdown chatbot will automatically keep track of the tips sent to you and show members what amount of Tokens you want to receive, how much is already raised and how much is remaining to start the show. Only the tips sent to the group chat will be considered.

How to start the countdown?

In the chatbot settings, indicate the amount of Tokens you would like to raise and run the bot. Once the countdown starts, add the variables to your chat room Topic field to let members see the countdown.

You need to enter specific variables to make the collected amount automatically update in the Topic field.

Available variables

Use the following variables to display the updated countdown data:

@total – total amount of Tokens that you want to raise;
@sofar – the amount of Tokens already raised;
@remain – the amount of Tokens remaining to raise.

Your text: “@total – countdown: @sofar already raised, @remain remaining to start the show!” If your final goal was 2000 Tokens and you received 550 Tokens in total, the message in chat will be the following: “2000 – countdown: 550 already raised, 1450 remaining to start the show!”

When the countdown is not running, all the above variables will be displayed as [none].

How does the chatbot work?

Every time you get tips, an automated notification will appear in your chat room, displaying the updated countdown data.

Once you collect the desired amount (@remain becomes equal to zero), the chatbot will automatically stop. You will receive a notification, visible only to you, that the countdown is over.

You can also pause the countdown. To do so, simply stop the chatbot. When you run it again, the chatbot will reset the countdown of tips from the moment where you stopped. The members will get notifications when you pause the countdown and when you run it again. (If you don’t use the variables in the Topic field, notifications won’t be displayed in the chat room.)

You can also reset the countdown without waiting for the entire amount to be raised. To do so, click on Reset countdown in the chatbot settings. The values will be deleted, and you will be able to start a new countdown.