Open Broadcaster Software (OBS) is a streaming software which allows you to push a higher quality video and audio streams to BongaCams. OBS is an open source tool which is free to download and use on Windows, Mac, and Linux.

Getting Started

1. Download OBS Studio: https://obsproject.com/download

2. Launch the Installer. Nothing specific is required during the installation, all default settings are fine (Next > I Agree > default value for Destination Folder + Next > Finish).

3. After the OBS launches, agree to the License (press OK).

4. Do not allow the program to apply auto settings (press No).

OBS Setup

1. Sources
If you see Video Capture Device in the Sources panel, right click and remove it.

Press + and add new Video Capture Device.

Press OK in appeared window.

In window Properties for Video Capture Device:

1.1 Device: select your camera.

1.2 Resolution: select the maximum allowed resolution for your camera.


NB! Do not use a higher resolution than your camera supports! Find the max resolution of your camera. For example, Logitech C920 is 1920x1080. Select a resolution that is no greater than that of your camera and as high as your Internet can support:

Minimum Upload Bandwidth Needed
2 mbps
5 mbps
10 mbps

Check what is your Internet Upload Bandwidth here.

1.3 FPS: 30

2. Image from your camera needs to cover the base canvas entirely. Stretch the frame with red border to fill the entire window (Ctrl+F) or right-click the OBS stream and select “Transform” > “Fit to screen”.

3. Also set the bitrate, encoder and keyframe interval.

3.1. Go to Settings > Output > Video Bitrate - select the bitrate according to your camera resolution:

Video Bitrate
Resolution (WxH)
Video Bitrate
400 kbps
800 kbps
1000 kbps
800 - 1200 kbps
1200 - 2000 kbps
2000 - 3000 kbps
4000 - 6000 kbps

3.2. Go to Settings > Output > Encoder - if any other option apart from Software H.264 is available, choose it.

For example you can choose one of these:

QuickSync H.264
Apple VT H.264

3.3. To set Keyframe Interval go to Settings > Output and switch to Advanced Output mode. Set 2 in Keyframe Interval.

4. Settings > Video - make sure that Base (Canvas) Resolution and Output (Scaled) Resolution are the same.

5. Desktop Audio and Video Capture Device should be muted.

Now you have successfully set up your Open Broadcaster Software and ready for streaming!

Start Streaming


1. Settings > Stream > Service - select Show All, and then click on Bongacams in the same list.

Log in to your BongaModels account on bongamodels.com.

2. Press Start to start broadcasting

3. In Broadcast settings window > Select Encoder - select External Encoder.

4. Copy the value from the Stream Key input.


5. Paste the value in Settings > Stream > Stream Key.

6. Press OK.

7. Press Start Streaming.


8. Broadcast settings window > Press Start Broadcast.

NB! While using OBS, you won't see your video in the streaming window on BongaModels. Use the “Windowed projector (Preview)” window to be able to see your video feed and chat simultaneously.

Go to Settings > General > Projectors and tick “Make projectors always on top”.

Right-click the OBS stream and select “Windowed projector (Preview)”.

A window with your video will appear. It will always hover above other windows and you will be able to move it whenever you want.